Minilaod Selfstorage


If you have items at your office or home you need to store, bring them to a mini storage unit at Minilaod!

Minilaod is the best option for safe storage for all items – small or large – for businesses and households.

Our small and medium-sized (2–18 m2) storage units are heated, with high ceilings and can hold a lot of stuff. There are two types of storage units: You can choose between units with sheet metal or mesh walls depending on your wishes and needs. As our client you have 24/7 access to your storage unit with your own key and access card.

Minilaod is the solution when you are looking for storage for instance:


  • office furnishings or temporarily unused furniture
  • smaller quantities of goods or marketing and presentation materials that do not need large storage premises
  • furniture and all household items during renovations
  • excess furniture after having moved
  • seasonal sports equipment (surfing or golfing equipment, bicycles, snowboards and skis, ski boxes, etc.)
  • automobile and moto sports accessories, etc.