Minilaod Selfstorage

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If you have items at your office or home you need to store, bring them to a mini storage unit at Minilaod!

Minilaod is the best option for safe storage for all items – small or large – for businesses and households.

Our small and medium-sized (2–18 m2) storage units are heated, with high ceilings and can hold a lot of stuff. There are two types of storage units: You can choose between units with sheet metal or mesh walls depending on your wishes and needs. As our client you have 24/7 access to your storage unit with your own key and access card.

Minilaod has almost 200 storage units built between 2010 and 2013 for you to choose from. In planning and building the storage units and rooms, the experience of the management in overseeing and development of a similar self storage service in Finland, Sweden and United Kingdom has been particularly helpful. We are adding another 95 new storage units to our Tondi Ärikeskus facility since the interest and needs of clients has grown year after year.

Minilaod is the solution when you are looking for storage for instance:


  • office furnishings or temporarily unused furniture
  • smaller quantities of goods or marketing and presentation materials that do not need large storage premises
  • furniture and all household items during renovations
  • excess furniture after having moved
  • seasonal sports equipment (surfing or golfing equipment, bicycles, snowboards and skis, ski boxes, etc.)
  • automobile and moto sports accessories, etc.