Minilaod Selfstorage


The storage units and rooms of Minilaod are in the range of 2–18 m². The client can choose between storage units and rooms with mesh walls or storages with sheet metal walls and doors. A unit selected in a proper size ensures the right price. You are welcome to use our space calculator or contact the customer service.

Types of storage and price ranges:

  • Grid storages 2-4 m² between 50,00-83,50 €/month

    Greed storages 5-9 m² between 104,50 – 142,50 €/month

  • Metal storages 2-4 m² between 60,50 – 102,50 €/month

    Metal storages 5-9 m² between 127,50 – 176,00 €/month

    Metal storages 10-18,5 m² between 192,00 – 278,50  €/month

    • 72L Cardboard moving box (500*400*360) Price: € 4.00
    • 42L Cardboard moving box  (400*300*360) Price: € 3.00

 (*VAT is applied to the prices for legal persons.)

The first payment is comprised of:

  1. Rent for the first month
  2. Security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent
  3. Deposit of EUR 20 for the access system (chip card) and key

* The deposit for the chip card and keys will be refunded to the renter after the expiry of the contract, provided that the keys and the chip card have been returned.

Payment options: Payment can be made by a bank transfer or with a card. Cards accepted: Visa,  Maestro, MasterCard, American Express.

Cash payments are not accepted at the Minilaod office.